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What you want matters.

We are, each of us, powerful and unique. We have our own desires, wills, wants, and needs embodied as the authentic expressions of who we are. Others may possess similar traits, but there is no one else EXACTLY like us.

What often goes overlooked is that we MUST express our desires and meet our needs to live a fulfilled life. We eat when we are hungry, we drink when we thirst, when we are tired we sleep, and when we have passion we embody it. If we do not learn to shine our light, if we do not learn to get our needs met, if we do not learn to express our autonomy, our power, and our sexuality, then our soul will scream in pain until we do.

It is this pain of stuffing ourselves down or not being received with love that often brings people into surrogacy – they know that something is wrong, they just don’t know what. Do you feel your power? Do you feel your wants? Your needs? Your desires? 

If you feel cut off from yourself, if you feel unable to express and create the intimacy and the relationships that feed you, then let’s explore what we can do to change that. Click the link below to schedule a call and see if surrogacy is something that can help.

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