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Pleasure as a Gateway.

Pleasure as a word, can carry a semantic connotation to gluttony or overindulgence. In its truest  form it’s the gateway to everything good in your life. At the very least it can warm the soul and feed the body.
Pleasure in a more extreme form can penetrate every fiber of a person and blow them open in ecstasy. In every case, pleasure is the starting place to goodness and is necessary to a fulfilling life. In surrogacy we often focus on physical pleasure and how you can feel more in your physical body. Most clients that come in have been so cut off from various parts of themselves and their connection to pleasure that “pleasure exploration” can become a very core component to the Work. Another, even MORE core piece to each individual client’s development is getting more in touch with what feels good…period. In my work we focus on cultivating the goodness of connection with another person, emphasizing the deeper and more expansive feelings of goodness that are a birthright to every person. Take time contemplating and feeling the question “what feels good to ME?” If you need help in knowing yourself more and reinviting pleasure back into your life, then click below to fill out a brief contact form and schedule an initial chat.

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