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Let’s get to the good. 

Pleasure is great! And yet, there is a shame placed on pleasure in many cultures. The word alone may have some impact in your nervous system over what pleasure is.

In your awareness there is something good associated with pleasure, and all too often something bad, taboo, or shameful associated with it. I find it helpful to first recognize that there is a physical and emotional response to the idea of experiencing pleasure, because then you can do something with it.

At its very core is the visceral feeling of “good” associated with pleasure. Whether it is activated through chocolate, a caress, a conversation, dancing, an intimate moment with another, a massage, or a scented candle we all know what “good” feels like. It is this good, this undeniable experience of pleasure, that we often start with in surrogacy to get you into your body. 

Let’s look at what feels good to you, and see how much pleasure can be enjoyed in ANY activity. Remind yourself that pleasure is good and that you need to take time for yourself to create it.

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