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The internship is the second phase of surrogacy certification and training. After completing the immersive practicum portion, all surrogates are required to go through mentorship and receive guidance for a period of time from more senior members of IPSA. Find out more about the internship phase here.

A partner surrogate is a stand in practice partner for intimacy. 

Having a good therapist, somebody that is skilled in listening, reflecting, empathizing, and sharing impact, is crucial for healing wounds of the past and being able to grow more into our fullness. It is of the utmost importance that everybody have a trusted confidant to coach them and be with them in talk therapy to process their troubles. And, talk therapy can only go so far.

Clients spend years in talk therapy and get stuck in the same patterns of self-harm, anxiety, and depression over and over again. Talk therapy, although effective, is only one dimension of the healing process. It can help get clarity, but often will not also help engender new patterns and habits. Some wounds bury themselves deep into our physiology, requiring a somatic movement to process them, and to get stuck energy moving through our system. Things must not only be seen differently to change, they must be DONE differently.

A therapist can talk, a surrogate partner can talk and touch, offering a safe space to do so. A surrogate partner offers both a challenge and an invitation to a client to feel their feelings and discover new and healthy ways of intimately connecting with another. As a practice partner we help create new patterns of action and habit by offering ourselves physically to practice intimate, sensual, sexual, and pleasurable connection with another in a safe space. We are trained to help rewire your nervous system in intimate connection and help you see new depths within yourself. Injuries that happen in connection can only be healed in connection.

Some of the work that we do in surrogacy is building self confidence through shadow work. Behind this question lies the shadow that you may not feel attractive. Not everybody asks this question, and in the work we find the truly beautiful you, the you that feels so good in herself that she does not think to ask this question.

My question to you is: Where does true chemistry come from ?

True attraction and beauty are found within, and the degree of vulnerability and connection that we foster during our time together in session offers an open window for each of us to see into the other for who we really are. This is the level of connection and intimacy that we explore in partner surrogacy and is the cornerstone for any real relationship. We will connect and play at the level of our souls where real connection and beauty reside. More personally from me to you: every great relationship that I’ve ever been privileged to be in was fueled by our connection to our authentic selves. I care about you. I will see, hold, and be present with you in ways that you may have never experienced. This is where attraction lives.

If you want help in exploring and accessing a more true beauty within, and living from a place of vibrancy and aliveness, then click the link below and let’s get on a call together.

 Yes. I am a certified surrogate partner intern with the International Professional Surrogates Association (IPSA). You can find out more about IPSA here:

To learn more about surrogate partner therapy, its history, training and certification, and ethical code of conduct, explore the site of my certifying organization here: 

Beyond my own personal values of honesty, integrity, and authenticity, I abide by IPSA’s Code of Ethics. I invite you to learn more about IPSA’s code of ethics by exploring here: 

 No. There is a difference in hiring someone for sexual connection and hiring someone for therapeutic services such as deep tissue massage, reiki, or chiropractic adjustment. You will never pay me for sex. I am a resource to help you reconnect to your own body and emotions, and learn to do so in connection with another person. Injuries that happen in connection can only be healed in connection. Those who never learned secure attachment, or had their be damaged in a relationship, need someone to securely connect with to earn secure attachment. To learn more, look into “secure attachment” and “earned secure attachment,” or check out the book “Attached: The New Science of Adult Attachment and how it can help you find – and keep – Love” by Amir Levine ability to securely attach

 Trust is earned. As with any relationship we will have an introduction, a period where we get to know one another, and a progressive sense of who each other is as the relationship develops. We build trust with one another as the relationship continues and discover what we want to create together. I also have to ask myself if I can trust you. In our connection I will also be seeking to build trust with you as much as you are with me.

To feel something for one another is both essential and inevitable in this work if it is to have any positive impact on your ability to connect with another person and develop a healthy relationship. To come into a romantic connection without any sort of feelings for the other person is detrimental to your physical, emotional, and psychological health. We will develop feelings for one another. One of the roles of the therapist in our triad is to guide the relationship and our feelings for one another as we grow closer. One of the key ingredients to a healthy relationship is to have a healthy autonomy amongst all the people involved. You will learn to have feelings, instead of your feelings having you. Through your work with your therapist and myself we learn to lean in as close as we are comfortable with, learning our needs, wants, and boundaries for connection and relationship along the way. 

All of this is under the guise that our relationship will ultimately have an end point. When we have accomplished your goals you and I will close the relationship. As with any relationship we have our lives outside of one another, and we will continue on separate from one another. One of the last lessons to be learned is the grief and loss of a relationship and a love. Feelings will come. We will build the strength you need as an adult to continue when this is over.

 This depends on your location and whether you are local to Central Texas. After our initial phone call we will meet in person with your therapist at their office or via zoom. Our meetings will continue at a location mutual to both of us. I meet clients in my home office, at their place, or a third location conducive for both of us.

 Maybe. This depends on you, me, and us. Everything we do together will revolve around your goals in us working together, what you want to do, and what I am available for. As with any relationship nothing we do is certain and we will be in connection through the entirety of our exploration together.

 My work in surrogacy is a form of somatic work, a work that focuses on the immediacy of feelings and emotions in the body that are conditioned by our own unique makeup as people, and the conditions and experiences of our lives. We are always in connection with other people and the world. My job is to bring your awareness to your experience and help heal whatever is causing you pain. Injuries that happen in connection can only be healed in connection and the reason surrogacy is so powerful is that I am able to connect with you in the processing of your pain. Once pains have been seen, witnessed, and shared in connection, then you will have the space for something new to come in.

 The typical length of the work is 15-25 two-hour sessions. Because everybody has different needs, there is no standard number of sessions. We will work until there is no more work to do. This can be one session, four sessions, or 40 sessions.

Prostitution is performing sexual acts for money. This is not that and I will not accept money for “sex”. Surrogacy is more in line with performing therapy for money. Surrogacy work is somatic, emotional, and psychological. I am a practice partner for working through trauma and teaching you to create relationships with other people.

 I am not married. I do have a committed partner. She recognizes that I perform a therapeutic service, not a sexual service, and that I am committed to helping people. I believe that everybody is built differently and that everybody is better suited for certain types of work. I am not an engineer, a programmer, a police officer, an actor, or a mechanic. I am skilled and gifted in my work as a surrogate and my partner acknowledges this. As with any relationship we have our own agreements in our relationship around how I work, where I spend my time, and with whom I spend my time.

 No, sadly. To my knowledge there are no insurers that currently cover partner surrogacy. It has taken years for insurers to see the value in certain modalities such as acupuncture, biofeedback, art therapy, and psychedelic therapy. I hope that one day surrogacy is covered.

 My rates are $200/hr. I am also available for immersive work for those not in the central Texas region. Immersions range from $10,000-$15,000, lasting 9-14 days depending on location and needs.

 Cash, Check, Venmo, and Paypal.

No. Immersions are paid in full to schedule. Local sessions are much like conventional therapy and payment is made for each session.

As with any romantic connection we will talk about STDs and safety, what our needs and boundaries are around safety, and how we can safely connect with our integrity and health intact. I will teach you how to advocate for your own health and safety, and how to have conversations with a partner about safe sex.

 I treat Covid precautions the same that I treat STD precautions. We’ll share our safety measures and history with one another, and then decide if we want to work together.

 Great! As people grow they change their minds all the time. Our relationship and how it benefits you is certain to change shape. You are free to change your mind any time and go in any direction you like. You are not bound or obligated to continue any thing you don’t want to do, and that includes continuing surrogacy. There is nowhere to “get” in surrogacy, except for your goals.

 I will communicate with your therapist regularly in between our sessions together, where we’ll talk about the next best course of action, how progress is going, and if anything needs to be addressed or changed based on how you are doing in both the surrogacy and therapy sessions. I keep all conversations completely transparent between the three of us and will gladly share with you anything that I discuss with your therapist. Typically, the only sessions the three of us do together are the first and last sessions.

 Talk with them about it. Most therapists want what’s best for their clients and are willing to explore surrogacy as a form of healing in addition to conventional therapy.

That depends on you, your family, and your connection with them. We can explore ways to help you communicate your needs and reasons for entering into partner surrogacy.

 That depends on the context and relationship that you share with your doctor. No conversation has a one-size-fits-all approach. We can explore ways to healthily communicate your needs to your doctor.

 I have a network of providers with which I can connect you, and I am certain that we can find one to fit your needs.